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Saturday, July 12, 2014

12 Places To Make Money Online

 12 Places to make money online right now..

You need to make money right now, no question about it. And I know that you no longer want to play games anymore, you just need to make some money right now, so No long term promises, no get rich quick dream, no live like the rich and famous talk, you just need to do something right now and make some money to pay your bills. Because let's face it, you are tired of demeaning yourself and going to work for other people, while losing your dignity and saying Yes Sir, Yes Mam to a bunch of people who are beneath you. So you need to stay at home and make some money, especially now that you have been told that the Internet is the next big thing, where all types of jobs will be done on a virtual platform. So you have to get your fair share, you have to take care of these leaks in your roof, you have to get your car fix, pay your mortgage and even have enough money to go out and have lunch with your friends. Beside, you are a home body anyway, and for you it wouldn't matter if the whole world's highways were destroyed and nobody could go anywhere, because you just love to stay home anyway, and if you can make money while at home, then that would be the ultimate. So today this is why I am sharing with You 12 Places To Make Money Online. Because there is plenty of money going around, and since you are not lazy, you just need to do things that match your character type. And that is being an Introvert, where you can work at home, where you can work alone and where you can make some good money. So do what you need to do to make things happen, do take all the actions with all the information I am providing for you Beloved, and start on your way to start earning some real income Online. Your Money Opportunities Advocate, James Dazouloute


1. Serve in a mock trial
Take a break from that Law & Order marathon to engage in a real legal drama and pull in a little extra cash: When a lawyer wants to check for holes in his case, he'll conduct a mock trial. Sign up to become a juror at eJury ( Make about $10 on average.

2. Host a pet
Animal devotees can apply to be a host with Buddy's Sleepovers (, a matching service for pets in need of a crash pad and open-armed individuals. 

3. Get cast as a reality TV star
Whether you want to steal a scene on your favorite nonfiction staple (The Bad Girls Club) or take a chance on an untested program (The Glee Project recently wrapped casting), create a free account with Reality Wanted ( and browse current casting calls, Make about $30,000 per episode like Snookie

4. Give your virtual opinion
At Truepanel (, survey participants draw an average of $100 per hour by providing video feedback on new products, technologies and marketing campaigns (so you'll need a webcam or other video-making device).

5. Become a mobile billboard
After all you spend on insurance, parking and gas, it's about time your car started paying you back. Transform your wheels into a moving billboard with Free Car Media, an experiential marketing company. To get started, fill out a questionnaire at Make about $2000 on average.

6. Take pictures of babies
When it's time for expectant parents to make their way to the hospital, a digital camera isn't the first thing on their minds; which is why Our365 ( contracts with more than 2,000 hospitals nationwide to provide part- and full-time photographers to snap pics of newborns. Make on average about $10 per hour, plus commissions.

7. Pretend to trade stocks
You could win up to $500 on any given month as a "trader" on UpDown ( "To win the contest, you simply must be among the best investors that are playing in a given month—typically between 5,000 and 10,000,"

8. Dress up as your favorite superhero
company Alt Terrain ( Working with agencies representing Fortune 500 brands, Alt Terrain pays mascots $20 to $50 per hour ("depending upon the complexity of the performance, hours per day and training involved,

9.  Blog for dollars and not for fun anymore
 "We're always looking for amazing bloggers who can write passionate, high-quality, interesting, thought-provoking articles," says Laura Scharlach, manager, an online collection of blogs covering such topics as pets, kids, marriage and infidelity. "Some of our bloggers write 100-plus posts per month, while others only update their blog once or twice per week," says Scharlach, whose bloggers start at a rate of $4 per 300-word-minimum post.

10. Sell Avon N Make Money
A quick application at and $10 for a starter kit (which includes order forms, credit card authorizations, samples and your own online store) will have you pushing beauty products in no time. A local rep will call you to walk you through the process, but there's no interview or training needed and no regular inventory for you to keep

 11. Write What You Are An Expert In
If you've got writing chops, 10 to 15 hours a week to spare, and you consider yourself a true "expert" on some topic, you can make more than $675 per month as a guide or $500 as a contributing writer to "Good writing and research skills are important, but really being excited and interested in your topic is critical," says Heather Cross,'s NYC travel guide since 2002.

12. Become A Virtual Assistant
They are raking in $28 to $35 per hour and are creating a new job title in the process: Just open you up a Website and begin to let people that you are available to perform all kinds of tasks for them like, blog postings, web designs, online travel arrangements, product reviews etc..


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 Is Google Adsense Worth It

Is Google Adsense Worth It For Affiliates Pt. 2 Of 2, Google Adsense, What is Google Adsense, How to make money online, Best way to make money online, Reviews about Google Adsense  
 Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 2 of 2

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 12 Places to make money online right now..

Monday, July 7, 2014

Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 2 Of 2

 Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 2 of 2

Is Google Adsense Worth It? And can you really have a chance to make money with Google? Well let's explore this together, but first for you to fully understand Google you must first read Pt. 1 of this series about Google Adsense Here . Now here is where you come in, if you happen to be one of those Website owners or Blog owners and you have entered into an agreement with Google, then they will display up to 3 Ads on each page of your Website or Blog. Now remember, on an average Website or Blog that is active (Meaning you are posting something new at least once a week) and more than 2 years old, you will have on average about 1000 pages. So you will have about 3000 Ads being displayed constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long and every year. Whether you are there or not, whether you are sick or not, whether you get up out of bed that day, whether you are going to the bank or not you are making money, because Google claims that they share 68% of the revenue with you. Why? 

Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 1 Of 2 --- Must Read Now 
 Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 1 of 2 - Must Read

Because  Google does not own all the websites on the Internet, nor does Google keep typing up and posting information about any and everything. You and all the Website / Blog owners do. And people are looking for information about life, about Deals, about cars, about love, about spirituality, about electronics etc.... So Google need you and I to keep on writing, keep on posting pictures and videos, keep on placing our thoughts on Social Medias, so they can then provide all that information to people who are looking for them right away and every day of each year. 

So imagine you have a thousand pages Website/ Blog that is a Hot Niche where there are plenty of Advertisers for (I.E. Cars, Animals, Shopping, News, Reviews, Movies, Gardening, Video Games etc...) and your information is being searched. For each thousand pages viewed and for each click per Ad, you are making money without having to do anything extra. And just so you know, there are Website or Blog owners who are making easily about $20,000 per month. Take for example Huffington Post, they are a News Website, the owner Arianna makes about 2 Million dollars per month off Ads alone on her site. Because it is a News Site, therefore is posting  about 10 to 15 New Articles per day, times 365 days a year. Now you can imagine just how many pages Huffington Post have, and they have been around on the Internet for many years posting News Articles.

Now I must warn you: Do not, under any circumstance,  Do Not Click On Any Of Your Ads that are on your Website or Blog, even if it is something that you are really interested in, or really need and the Ad is showing on your Site/Blog. Again, do not click on any Ads yourself, Because Google Will Ban You For Life. Because they call those clicks Invalid Clicks, or Fraudulent Clicks. Because the Advertisers are paying for genuine people to click on these Ads in hoping they will buy something or a service. So if you need something and you see the Ad, just do a search on Google and go that Site/Blog. 

Another thing, Try your very hardest and best to produce original articles or original information. Because Google will love You for life. All because Google is in the business of providing fresh, brand new and relevant information to people. And since they don't type those articles themselves, they need you to type it up or make that video about it. So they could present it as Unique and Original, and if you are in partnership with them, then you both can make lots of money together. Now take this article for example, what I am writing about "Is Google Adsense Worth It" is not a brand new topic, and people are looking for this information every day. But I am writing with my own words, my own thoughts, my own research, my own interactions with Google Adsense, my own understanding. Therefore it is unique, pure and original. 

And that's what I mean by original content. Think of your writing as a book report. Kind of like when you used to be in School and the Teachers gave you a book to read, and you had to write 6-7 paragraphs about what you thought the Book was about and the message in it. Well on your Blog/Website, all you have to do is place your thoughts down. If you just read an article somewhere else, write your own thoughts about what you got from it, how you understood it, and how it can Help someone else. Notice I highlighted the word "Help", because ultimately this is what your Site/Blog should be about, helping people to learn, to laugh, to think, to do, to grow and ultimately to Enlightenment in a particular area of life.

And the videos make just as much money, just go on YouTube and see those funny cats videos that get 100 Million Views, and you see those Ads or commercials display before the Video starts to play, and during the showing there are Ads showing at the bottom. Those folks are making lots of money. And even Musicians who release their New Singles, Like Gangnam Style, that  get over 100 million views, just imagine how much money they made off those Ads alone. 

Now with Google Adsense it is easy to get your money, about 25 -30 days after the month is over. And when it is time to pay you, Google verifies the Clicks on the Ads, along with those impressions to make sure they are not fraudulent, and then they deposit your money right in your Bank Account, and they will send you an Email letting you know this in your account with them. Easy as apple pie. So remember that there are many ways to make money with Google Adsense, so I give them a Thumbs Up, as far as you being able to make some real money with them. Your Money Opportunities Reviewer Advocate, James Dazouloute


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 Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth it....  See Why Not.

 Is Google Adsense Worth It

Tags: Is Google Adsense Worth It For Affiliates Pt. 2 Of 2, Google Adsense, What is Google Adsense, How to make money online, Best way to make money online, Reviews about Google Adsense  
 Is Google Adsense Worth It. Pt. 2 of 2